Thursday, 2 March 2017

Five Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Chimney Cap

A chimney cap is very important for homeowners; it protects your fireplace and chimneys from animals, accidental roof fires and prevents unwanted problems. When you start a chimney cap installation in your home, avoid the following mistakes so that you can make the process simple and fast.

Taking Wrong Chimney Measurements -

Sometimes we take incorrect chimney measurements which can prove to be a disaster since we are going to waste a lot of money in buying and getting it there. Purchasing an ill-fitting chimney cap and adding unnecessary steps to the installation process will surely be a headache for you. The flue measurement needs to be done accurately to select the right one. Before going up the step, make sure you have the correct the measurements to take better take your measuring tape along with you to the vendor from where you are planning to get the chimney cap. This will help in getting an accurately measures chimney cap.

Avoid using wrong Chimney Cap Metal -

Avoid picking wrong metal for the chimney cap since it can lead to stack fires, and draft and other climate elements seeping in. Don't use gas logs, galvanized chimney caps; they can bring about destructive fumes that damage your home. Galvanized chimney caps require extensive maintenance to stop them from rusting, shaping and pulverizing within your fireplace. Stainless steel chimney caps are considered the most solid and longest-enduring material. At a point when presented to climate components, a stainless steel top won't rust or create erosion. Stainless steel and copper caps are more costly, yet they require very less maintenance.

Chimney Caps Should Be Secured –

When you install chimney caps remember the caps should not be loosened and require screws since they are at a high hazard for flying off during strong winds and therefore may cause damage to your property or your neighbors’ property. Checks your chimney cap when you are have finished installing.

Choose a Good Draft Control Chimney Caps -

All chimney caps are not good to prevent drafts. Some caps can actually worsen the current draft in your home. When you choose a chimney cap for your home always evaluate the situation. If your chimney cap gives the draft problems try and utilize a vacuum chimney cap. It is fitted over a round pipe or square tile and prevents downdrafts. If chimney caps give the same problem you can choose another cap like wind directional cap. This is used for fractional vacuum in the flue that will get better with the draft productivity.

Chimney Internal Damper system gives Problems -

An internal damper system protects your home and prevents wastage of energy, but when your home chimney is older their internal damper system may create problems. So in this situation you need to select a good chimney cap. That should be protecting chimney’s internal damper system.

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